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Pregnancy FAQ


What if I Have a Positive Test at Home?

Even if you have a positive test at home, we require you to take a pregnancy test at Her Choice. Our pregnancy tests are medical quality and more accurate than most home tests and a positive result will allow us to schedule an ultrasound.

As you plan for your appointment at Her Choice, please remember to bring photo identification, such as a driver’s license, with you. Be prepared to be at Her Choice for about an hour. While you’re here, you’ll be asked to provide a urine sample for a pregnancy test. If you need childcare, please plan ahead. We are not able to watch children during your time at Her Choice. All of our services are FREE. We safeguard your privacy.

Things to Think About

There is a lot to consider before you make a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Her Choice can help you answer these and other questions you may have about your pregnancy and your options.

  • Is the pregnancy viable (healthy?)
  • How far along are you?
  • Is the pregnancy in your uterus? Occasionally, the pregnancy is located somewhere else. This is known as an “ectopic” pregnancy.

Make an appointment with Her Choice for a free pregnancy test to help you answer these and other questions you may have. We care about you and want to help.

I think I'm pregnant - who should I talk to?

Your pregnancy is a personal matter. It is important that you talk about your pregnancy options and how to cope with your pregnancy to those who really care about you and have accurate information.

Remember, when coping with an unplanned pregnancy, everyone’s experiences are not the same. Her Choice has been helping women with unplanned pregnancy since 1985, and we can help you too.

Unplanned pregnancy information is available online, can't I get it there?

Good question! We know that you are smart, resourceful, and able to find out plenty of information on your own. We do encourage you to research your pregnancy options. From parenting, first-time parenting, abortion procedures and risks, or abortion alternatives – we have the information you need to make a decision.

Remember, we offer FREE pregnancy tests and FREE obstetric ultrasounds, as well as solid, supportive information that will empower you. Do not try to figure this out alone. That is why we are here – come talk to us!

Will you tell my boyfriend/parents/school?

All services are confidential. Her Choice does not release information about you, your visit, or the information we share with you.

If you would like help or support discussing your pregnancy with someone in your life, we will work with you to figure out the best way to have those discussions. The bottom line is: you are in control and you know what you need to make this decision. We are here for you!

What will it cost?

All of our services are offered at no cost to you. ALL services are FREE.

What will my first visit be like?

Your appointment for a pregnancy test will take about a half an hour. You will be asked to provide a picture I.D. Our team is friendly and passionate about helping you, so you will feel welcomed and comfortable right away.

After a positive pregnancy test a follow up appointment for an ultrasound may be scheduled. At this appointment the nurse sonographer will determine whether or not  the pregnancy is viable, validate the due date and obtain measurements to determine expected growth.

You will be safe, in control, and respected during your entire visit.


Does Her Choice perform abortions?

We do not perform abortions or refer to abortion providers.  It is important for you to understand all of your abortion options before visiting an abortion clinic. You deserve to know what abortion methods are used at different stages of pregnancy and what risks are involved to you in each procedure. We can help you understand your options.

Does Her Choice conduct adoptions or offer parenting support?

We do not act as an adoption agency, a pre-natal care facility, or a parenting resource center.  At Her Choice, we provide unplanned pregnancy resources and information about both adoption and parenting. We answer all of your pregnancy questions and offer you full support.