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Free Obstetric Ultrasound Exam

If you tested positive on a pregnancy test performed at Her Choice you are eligible to receive an obstetric ultrasound if the estimated gestational age is at least 7 weeks. Unfortunately, we are not able to perform an ultrasound if you are bleeding or in pain, or if you have had other ultrasounds done by a care provider or ER. Minors age 16 and above can consent to an ultrasound. Minors 15 years or younger must have parental consent. The ultrasound can determine if the pregnancy is viable (healthy) and how far along you are, which may affect your decision about your pregnancy. Schedule an appointment for your pregnancy test today so we can help you.

An obstetric ultrasound means the ultrasound technician is looking for three things:

  • That the pregnancy is viable (in the uterus)
  • She will look for and measure a heartbeat
  • She will do a measurement to see how far along the pregnancy is

This is an important step in the process because it allows you to have all information you need to make decisions moving forward.