About Us

What We Do

HerChoice empowers women to make informed decisions and offers free services including pregnancy tests, nurse appointments, limited ultrasounds (to verify viability), limited STI testing for both men & women, parenting classes, post-abortive counseling, and necessary material items.

Who We Are

Our goal is to provide hope.

Those facing a pregnancy decision often feel abandoned and alone. As a society we must go beyond the politics and controversy. We want to meet you in the midst of your story and let you know that you are loved, valued, and cared for.

Facing a pregnancy decision is not always easy, and is never simple. Only compassion can truly transcend the confusion, complexity, and controversy that often surrounds pregnancy decisions.


Our Values

Sanctity of Life, Relationships, Compassion, Dignity & Worth of Every Person, Integrity & Stewardship

Our Vision

Bowling Green Pregnancy Center/HerChoice envisions a thriving community where every life is valued, loved, protected, and transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Believing that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection, Bowling Green Pregnancy Center/HerChoice exists to love, serve, and equip anyone facing a pregnancy decision by offering Christ-centered support and resources that empower them to pursue life and life abundantly.


Our History

Bowling Green Pregnancy Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) which provides every client, no matter her situation, with free services & education so she may know all her options. We have been in Bowling Green since 1985. By providing medically accurate information, including ultrasounds performed by a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, women will be able to make the most informed decision. 

The Center will continue to empower women to make informed decisions and offer free services including pregnancy tests, nurse appointments, limited ultrasounds, parenting classes, post-abortive counseling, and necessary material items.


Going to HerChoice was the best decision I’ve made since I found out I was with child. I didn’t expect to receive the amount of help and love that I did. I walked in only for a pregnancy test and ended up leaving with much more knowledge, guidance, and things to help me get started. Everyone in the office is very loving and genuine. They try to make personal relationships with everyone who walks through the door. They want you to know they are there for you every step of the way. Shelly worked with me and offered parenting classes which helped to prepare me to become a mother. She would call to check up on me and make sure I was doing fine, and even now during the summer she still hasn’t forgotten me even though I’m not in Bowling Green anymore. She made me feel like I wasn’t in the situation alone and made it known that she cared. I couldn’t have asked for a better support system. Thank you for all that you’ve done!

Former Client

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU. We treat clients with kindess, compassion, and in a caring manner. Clients always receive honest and open answers. We hold client information in strict and absolute confidence according to HIPAA guidelines. We give accurate information about pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyles issues, and related concerns. We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions, abortifacients, or birth control. We are committed to providing accurate information about abortion procedure risks, pros and cons of abortions, abortion options, abortion alternatives, and post-abortion support. All of our advertising and communications are truthful, honest, and accurately describe the services we offer. All of our professional staff and care team members receive proper training to uphold these standards.